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Private Client

Providing a strong and lasting financial protection plan for you and your family is our mission and it is what we do best.

Our advisers will take the time to understand you and identify your personal and financial goals and objectives that drive you each day. Our experienced team will then develop and implement a sound protection strategy tailored to your situation, giving you and your family financial peace of mind should the unforeseen occur.

We also know that your needs, goals, and objectives will naturally change over time. Our Advisers will be with you along your journey to make sure your protection strategy evolves over time by providing regular reviews of your insurance.

Finally, should you need to make a claim, we are your first point of call. Our dedicated claims team will guide you and your family though every step of the way during this difficult time.

financial services

Why we are good at what we do

  • We understand our client’s situation and what they want protected
  • We uncomplicate the difficulty around insurance
  • We are unrelenting in ensuring we get the best
    outcome for our clients
financial services

Our expertise in insurance include

  • Life Insurance
  • Total and Permanent
  • Disablement Insurance
  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Trauma (or Critical Illness) Insurance
financial services

Employee benefits

We know the Australian employee benefits market is complicated and restrictive due to Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) legislation… so for the Certe team, our mission is simple. We’re here to uncomplicate your employee benefits program.

Certe specialise in providing benefits to your employees while providing a professional consulting service to your organisation. We see ourselves as an extension to your organisation’s human resources and finance departments, providing expert advice from group insurance to wellbeing services.

With our thorough knowledge of the professional services sector, we can assist your organisation to see how your benefits compare to your competitors – and ultimately keep your employees smiling.

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We provide advice on establishing and managing group insurance programs:

  • Life Insurance
  • Total Permanent
    Disablement Insurance
  • Salary Continuance
    (Income Protection) 
financial services

Data analytics

The purpose of our data analytics is to provide your organisation with a clear and informative visualisation of how your demographic can impact the benefit design/premium. We will analyse the employee benefit engagement versus workforce, claims experience and provide projections and trends.

financial services

Benefit care

Untangling all the terms and conditions is what we do best. Our team will work with your organisation to design an engagement strategy and ‘care’ program that will serve to educate whilst also promoting your employee benefits program.

We run benefit-specific seminars, as well as arrange experts to provide your partners, executives and employees with education on topics such as financial planning, superannuation, mortgage lending and estate planning.

financial services

Beyond price & product

Untraditional is the future. In the past we have been focused purely on price and product, however as we evolve as an organisation, we understand the importance of measuring insurers and product providers on their diversity, inclusion, and sustainability. We’ll ensure you have all the information to allow your organisation to choose an insurer/product provider who are aligned with similar standards and values.


We are unafraid to talk
about mental health.

In September 2020, Certe launched a partnership with UK based Employee Mental Wellbeing App – Thrive Therapeutic. Thrive is one of Europe’s leading mental wellbeing apps and can be customised for your organisation, acting as a hub for your organisation’s mental wellbeing programs (complements existing Employee Assistance Programs – EAP).

financial services

Insurance for Business Owners

Any successful business owner knows that building a business requires dedication, commitment, hard work and a bit of luck.
A business owner not only needs to think about how to grow the business, but they also need to think about how the business will be impacted if certain risks arise.

Any successful business owner knows that building a business requires dedication, commitment, hard work and a bit of luck. A business owner not only needs to think about how to grow the business, but they also need to think about how the business will be impacted if certain risks arise.

These include:

  • What happens to the business if I stop work due to a sickness
    or injury? Or
  • What if a shareholder or someone who is vital to the success of
    the business, suddenly dies or are no longer able to participate
    in the business due to a disability?

We at Certe know how to provide solutions to reducing the financial impact of such risks occurring, allowing you to focus on the opportunities that lies ahead for your business.

financial services

Our Advice covers

  • Business Expenses Insurance – aims to keep your business operating by providing funds on a monthly benefit to cover any fixed business expenses (e.g., rent, staff wages etc) if the business owner is unable to work and produce an income due to a sickness or injury.
  • Buy/Sell Insurance (Business Succession) – If a business partner passes away or cannot continue to work due to illness or injury, insurance will help fund the buyout of the exiting partner’s share, allowing for a smooth transfer of ownership to the remaining partners.
  • Key Person Protection – minimises the financial impact (e.g., loss of revenue or goodwill) to the business if a person who is vital to its success, passes away or is unable to work due to a serious injury or illness.
  • Loan Guarantor Insurance – If guarantor on a loan for a business dies or becomes permanently disabled, insurance can be used to extinguish the debt, minimising the risk of the lender disrupting the business when it tries recover any funds or important assets of the business.
financial services

Claims management

Unforeseeable accidents and illness can turn your world upside down in seconds. At Certe, we pride ourselves in handling all claims, whether be it a death, total and permanent disablement, trauma or income protection benefit. You won’t be alone to deal with the insurers as we have a dedicated claims team that act as your personal claims concierge. From start to finish, our dedicated claims team will ensure your claim is processed efficiently, so you can focus on your recovery.

financial services

Our Experience

Certe was established in 2004 and although we have evolved through various names over the years, our clients have always been our priority. We continue to invest in our staff and service offering, so we can provide our clients with a quality outcome. Whether it is individual, small business or a national firm, our team has years of industry and life experience to make sure all your needs are covered. 

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